Kayenne Junior Swim Goggle

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The Kayenne Junior Goggle opens up the playing field – quite literally. Oversized lenses with our patented curved lens technology gives you style while providing an undistorted, expanded, 180-degree field of vision.

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Kayenne Junior Swim Goggle

With its oversized lens design, Kayenne Junior Goggles combine expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame. As a result, this combination makes the Kayenne a perfect choice for a competition, as well as in a pool or open water. Made for ages 6+.

Features :

  1. Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens make the Kayenne Junior Goggle very durable
  2. Comfortable and leak resistant seal
  3. Four Point expanded vision
  4. Hydrodynamic micro-frame
  5. Quick-Fit one-touch buckles




Blue, Clear


Blue, Pink, Transparent