Hard Shell Suitcase

19,900 ฿

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A large capacity, durable hard case that allows divers to store all their gear . The vertically long slim body can be stored without bending the fins.

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Light and durable vertical slim body

Using a polycarbonate mixed resin that boasts light weight and strength, the vertically elongated slim body easily accommodates fins.
* Up to warp fin XL size can be stored



-handle Handles set on the top, side, front and bottom allow you to flexibly hold your suitcase.



silent double caster

The two-wheeled caster, which has excellent noise reduction and stability, uses a new elastomer material to improve quietness and durability, allowing smooth running. Made by safe Hinomoto locks.



The rotary catch
, which is completely closed by crimping the main body with the TSA lock and the lid, is made of stainless steel that does not rust. Made by safe Hinomoto locks.



stable transportation

It can be stably transported even in a heavy state with all the equipment inside.



Large capacity of 105L that can store full equipment
All equipment from wetsuits to heavy equipment can be stored together with the mesh bag, and it is also recommended for long trips such as overseas trips.



How to open 1

Please stand the flap part vertically as shown in the picture.



How to open 2
Lightly hold the flap.



How to open 3

When opening, rotate the flap about 180° to the right to remove the clasp. When closing, rotate it to the left to secure the clasp.



How to open 4 When the
clasp is removed, you can open and close it by pulling it toward you.

Hard Shell Suitcase
19,900 ฿